Monday, January 26, 2009

Why Consistent SEO is Necessary?

When companies with web presence decide on Search Engine Optimization for their website most of them are confused on how to go about it. It’s not surprising that many of them think SEO activity to be one time activity like developing a software/website or an annual affair like filing IT return.
Non IT-Savvy companies who are just thinking of increasing their web preference on internet are not much aware on the benefits of Organic SEO. They are many times so clients are so ignorant of SEO that they almost instinctively ask for short term contracts ranging from anywhere from one to two months. Many businesses also view search engine optimization of a website as a one time set of recommendation. Nothing can be further from truth. For a website to be visible on any search engine, a consistent plan has to be followed for at least few months. For any business in any region there are nowadays hundreds if not thousands of competitors. You can bet that many of them have already had decent websites with ongoing SEO strategy in place. To believe that any business can have strong presence on first page of a search engine by just developing a site and then optimizing it once would be a fallacy.
Search Engine Optimization works best when pursued month after month consistently till the results can be seen. There are many reasons why consistent and long term SEO should be pursued.
1. Search Engines like FRESH content:
Search Engines prefer sites which have fresh search engine friendly content. Just one time one page optimization will not work in this scenario. Infusion of fresh relevant content on regular basis will lure search engine robots to crawl your site more. No doubt the search engine algorithm will also attach importance to the fact that your site has lot of relevant content. This will give your site an added advantage over other rival sites with dated content. A competent SEO Firm will be aware of this fact and constantly update the website with new content on regular basis.
2. Link Building:
It is a proven fact that back links are of prime importance in search engine optimization. In real world if a website is a person then back links may mean the number of the times a person is getting talked about in TV, newspaper and other media. Just like any person who is visible all over will be perceived as popular similarly any website with good amount of back links on internet will be viewed a more relevant and popular. Acquiring back links through legitimate means is a tedious job. Link building encompasses a whole set of activities like directories, content promotion, blogging, press releases, link baiting, social media which require ongoing SEO. Only an online marketing company can work towards the goal of acquiring back links on a consistent basis month after month and using almost avenues possible.
3. Latest Trend:
Internet trend are changing at furious pace. It’s one of the most dynamic technologies which sees emergence and decline of many fads on daily basis. What worked few months back may not work now. Search Engine Algorithms constantly update themselves to avoid spamming and keep their results relevant and meaningful. Only a SEO professional or a SEO company can be abreast of all technologies and trends and apply them and include them in their SEO effort. In a field where placement on Google search’s number one page can make or break a business, you cannot afford just one time SEO effort.
4. Traffic Analysis:
Just doing web promotion is not enough. A website’s traffic also has to be closely monitored and studied. It’s of paramount importance to know if the traffic to your website is targeted or not. Irrelevant audience who are not going to take up your services or product is just as bad as no traffic at all. This will mean that SEO efforts are misdirected and something needs to be fixed ASAP. Only by consistent monitoring and analysis of website’s traffic pattern, a SEO consultant will be able to rectify the problem.
These are just few reasons to have consistent search engine optimization efforts for any website which intends to have top ranking in Google.
Author: Aniruddha Badola
About the author: Enovabiz Solution is a professional Search Engine Optimization CompanyOffering SEO Consultancy and Online Marketing Services to realtor and real estate agnets all over the world.

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