Saturday, January 24, 2009

The SEO Expert Predicts the Future of You Online Business

I had a dream…
Suppose the search engines change their entire algorithms overnight, how would that affect the future of your website and online business?
While some SEO experts have mastered the art to void this topic like a plague, some think of it as a myth, or an X-files episode, but many know of us know that possibility of this happening is more real today than ever before.
The truth is out there
With personalized user search preferences are the search engines giving in their powers to the users? If this were to happen then search rankings would soon be obsolete, as each user would get a different personalized view of the search page depending on preferences and history etc. all the smart gimmicks, link exchanges, and magic SEO strategies from Gurus could eventually fail! So why do we still keep optimizing?
For ONE, the SEO or search marketing is not about applying the magical arts to appease search gods who will start flooding your website with high value traffic.
I will survive…in a world with no search engines
I am not being egoistical out here, nor do I have some secret knowledge. Allow me to explain why…
1. I want to run successful online business.
2. I will keep building unique, resourceful and informative content.
3. I will make this content accessible to the users
4. I will promote this content across web, user and social communities
5. I will syndicate my content to article or video submission sites
Well this may very well be a dream I am having, but when I awake, the search engines still rule the online world. Either way I will survive :-)
Author: Nevil Darukhanawala
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