Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Before You are Register to the Google AdSense

To participate to the Google AdSense program your blog must use the English or other language supported like Arabic, France, Nigerian, and other them. In addition to, the blog content will be register isn’t have spamming, cracking and hacking content, pension, policy or collide with law be valid in the local area. If your blog are including to them you are not participate to the Google AdSense. If not, your blog may be registering to the Google AdSense and will be approved within several days.
Once your blog have been registered to the Google AdSense you may install the script of the Adsense. After the script has been installed please copy and paste it into HTML/Java Script widget (on the blogger) and save and the end.
I’m sorry because I can’t write the content with the English for many sentences. Please notice I’m in learning and I want you are helping me to doing this learning by tell me if you found a flawed in my articles. Thank you before.


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