Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where to Go for Proper Keyword and Why

If you’ve done any kind of online market research before, then you’ve probably heard of Google’s keyword tool. Another commonly used free keyword tool is the free version of Wordtracker which gives up to 100 related keyword phrases for any keyword you enter. But there are some lesser known keyword research tools which should be used for all your market research.
Wordtracker is a great tool, but there is actually a newer free version that makes the normal free version obsolete. This new version is called the free GTends Tool, which is basically the old tool with the addition of a Google Trends graph. There will be a link beside each result which leads to this graph, plus the statistics for the approximate number of competing pages and amount of daily traffic. This tool makes it easy to identity profitable keyword phrases because it shows you the results while recommending less than 3000 competing pages and more than 100 unique visitors per day with the results so you know instantly whether the keyword phrase is profitable or not. Not only profitable, but easy to dominate as well
Keyword Browse is a free keyword tool that is less commonly known. While it doesn’t provide numbers like its counterparts, it is probably the best tool out of the group for niche identification. All that is needed is for you to enter a broad search term such as “wine”. The tool will split that niche into two strands (looks like a DNA double-helix without the rungs). One strand will be related keywords and the other one is sub-niches within your given keyword. “Wine” turns out results such as “wine making”. “Wine making” turns out results such as “home wine making” and “wine making kit” which in turn give results such as “home wine making and recipe”.
Si while the Google keyword tool is an excellent and accurate tool for market research, it is essential that anybody conducting such research use the aforementioned. The time that will be saved will be invaluable to your business and the sub-niches that you find will be easy to dominate using some simple search engine optimization.
Author: Cutis Ng
About the author: are you looking for profitable niches? Are you finding yourself unable to profit from a niche of interest? Click here to learn more about niche domination and market research.


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