Sunday, January 25, 2009

Career as an SEO Consultant when Optimizing

There was a time early on in my career as an SEO consultant when optimizing for Google was pretty straight forward. All that was needed back then was your keywords in the right places on your page as very little if anything was attributed to off page factors.
However times have changed and the major search engines had to take action to stop spammers from keyword stuffing and confusing the indexing process. In doing this search engines like Google turned more towards off page factors in that every indexed site that linked back to you was a vote for your site and sheer quality of links put your site nicely at the top of the SERPS (Search Engine Position). When SEO experts optimize site pages for the certain keywords and word-combinations, they use some actions which allows improving positions in SERP for the all keywords list.
Again spammers adapted to the practice and sites that were known as link farms came forward listing masses of unrelated sites in order to build up huge link popularity. Google and the other search engines had to tweak their system and decided to put most ranking weight on the quality rather than the quality of links to any given page.
What is a quality links? Well first of all let us start with the basics there are many names for links to your site and it is a good idea to define them at this point. Inbound or back links refer to links that point at your pages from else where on the web, for more details visit to reciprocal links are when that same link to your page receives a link pointing back at it from the same page. Many think that a reciprocal link relates to sites however it only relates to pages that are around. Reciprocal links hold no real weight anymore due to their artificially constructed nature. One way back links are links that point to your page with no returning link; these are the links you are going to need to rank high in the steps.
However that is not the end of the story, there are other aspects of a quality link that you need to understand. You need to look for links from pages that have a high Page Rank, this may not be easy but it is what you should aim for. You also need to make sure the page the link comes from is highly relevant to your own, for more details visit to this is one of the most important factors. When you are creating links you need to anchor the link with your keyword text, will increase your keyword authority and link popularity. Last but not least don’t get back links from pages with over 100 outgoing links as it will hold little weight and could affect your page.
The core of any online marketing campaign is through the focused appliance of SEO SEO is becoming more of a permanent fixture in the marketing budgets of many companies. UK internet sales is increasing to a record of pound 4.2 bn a month and UK web users clicking on 29000 search results every minute. So hardly any company can ignore SEO consultant you get to see and advice people that still don’t understand the basic concepts of link building and are using link farms and irrelevant pages to create links from which hold little if no weight.
Author: Bhairun Ram
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