Saturday, January 3, 2009

Free Domain Dot Com

Yep, is proud to say we are legitimately giving away free domain names to our members. Any member who makes 95 posts on our community forum will receive a free domain or alternatively free forum hosting with a link to your forum on our site!
1. In order to receive a free domain name you must post in the domain request forum.
2. In order to make a request you must have 95 posts.
3. “Spam” post does not count.
4. You must be a member for at least three weeks and your posts spread out between that time periods.
5. Your posts should contribute to the community and discussions.
Once you make your request we will review your request to make sure that you followed all the rules. Once accepted we will notify you via PM and ask for the name of the domain you wish to register. Please make sure it’s available we will register it and transfer the domain to you.
Available Domain Extensions for Giveaway:
1. .com
2. .net
3. .org
4. .biz
5. .us
In addition instead of a domain name we can provide free no ads forum hosting with a link to your forum on our site!
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