Thursday, July 16, 2009

Absolutely Free Domain Names - Are They Really Free?

Having a registered domain name is very crucial in your business, especially if you're just establishing your enterprise. A registered domain name, together with a nicely designed and conceptualized website, spells the difference between sales and bankruptcy. Before prospective customers can go to the website, they must be aware of its address, and when its address is hard to remember, or just sharing a space to other websites offering absolutely free domain names, it will certainly be difficult to generate online visitors.

Domain names cost cheap. There are even websites that sell them as low as 6 to 8 dollars for a registration period of one year. That's why when customers see that your business is just sharing its web address to a free provider, they will feel uncomfortable, and be turned off. If you can establish a business that sells your services and products, why can't you avail yourself of a decent domain name that just costs less than 10 dollars?

Websites offering these so called absolutely free domain names have hidden intent: they want to use you as a marketing material, or a soon-to-be-captured client. These websites will give you the domain names that you want, but with a condition: the domain name must be joined with their site's name. For instance, if a fictitious domain name provider offers you an absolutely free domain, and your chosen domain is "", your end product will be www[dot]examplebusinessdomain-freesillywebsite[dot]com, and many other permutations. These absolutely free domain name providers do not give names for nothing. They spam or insert pop ups into your site. Instead of having a poor domain address, it's definitely much better to shell out a few dollars for a decent virtual office name.

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