Tuesday, July 14, 2009

5 Things You Must Do To Succeed In Internet Marketing

The invention and pervasive acceptance of the internet has provided, without a doubt, the utmost opportunity to earn a life-changing salary from the comfort of your own domicile. With A little time, determination, and information, you really can decide your own pay.

Here's what you need to know:

1. The easiest way to get into Internet Marketing is to advertise other people's products. The vendor or publisher develops the product, you carry out the marketing, and they give you a commission on each deal that you refer. This is called Affiliate Marketing and it can pay anywhere from 1% of the selling price all the way up to 90% or more.
2. You should control your own website. Without a website, your lone real option for marketing is paying for traffic and "direct-linking" to the publisher's site. This forces you to rely absolutely on the vendor or publisher to convert your leads into sales. Several marketing methods are open to pay money for traffic, but buying traffic meant for a direct-linking campaign can quickly become prohibitively expensive. In fact, a number of search engines have made a resolute effort to forbid direct-linking.
3. Choose a dependable web hosting company. The very last thing you want is to come up with steady income from your marketing pains and be inflicted with problems caused by your web host failing to keep your site running correctly. Or worse, shutting their doors and taking your website with them.
4. Your website ought to be search engine friendly. In order to build a long term, durable pay, you need to depend on "organic" traffic. If you search for something in Google, you will notice at the top and along the right margin of the page links labeled "Featured Listings". These links are paid using Adwords. You can acquire a bundle of fast traffic this way, but long term income ought to be based on the remainder of the search results. These are the organic results and they contain two major benefits. First, they have a tendency to be significantly more dependable, and second, they're free of charge.
5. Research your keywords. Use a tool like WordTracker or Google's keyword tools to investigate your keywords. Every page on your site ought to be optimized for one foremost keyword, with two or three less significant keywords. Don't overdo your keywords. Your prose must sound natural. Use "long tail keywords" when doable -- someone that searches for "weight loss for teenage girls" is going to be a much more qualified prospect than someone searching for "weight loss", assuming you're marketing weight loss products to teenage girls, of course. ;-)

About the Author: Steve Hansen is an internet marketer who is tired of “gurus” selling incomplete products as a way to upsell others on overpriced products that don't work. He has made it his goal to show beginning marketers the truth about these products and to help identify the products that are worth investing time and money. Reviews of some popular products can be found at http://www.TheProgramReviewSite.com. New reviews are added regularly, check back often.


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