Thursday, July 16, 2009

Easy Link Building

As you know, all of us that we want to earn money by internet,if you have a website or blog, needs visitors, and them in 90% get from search engines.

Because of that you need to have good optimized site.

Internal optimization of the site is important, but I thing that the off page is more important.

That optimization reflected in getting ,,stronger" links to your site, and if it is possible to have a good PageRank.

Working on SEO optimization for my own sites, I stumbled on certain difficulties when I searched ,,strong" backlinks.

A friend recomended me a blog This blog is offering you a possibility to write 3 links,a baner, and send it to administrators to review it, and to publish it.

On this way you can get 4 links to your site without filling boring forms and capche.

Also you can get a huge potential hits to your site on two ways: 1. The visitors will see the text, and maybe go on your site. This why is important that the text be nice. 2. Every week are chosing the best texts (sites) which will be published on a special page where you can get even more hits on your site (another reason to write better text about your site).

That will be all from me, I hope that I helped someone in SEO optimization and getting instant backlink.

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