Thursday, December 25, 2008

How to Export and Import Blogspot Content

Export blog content is very important, especially for us who already have a lot of blog content because if something happens we will not lose the blog content. Unfortunately the article that during the time we write and upload to our blog so we lost it. Blogger/Blogspot has had an export and import blog feature. With this feature we can export or import all of our blog content without having to lose a file, including any comments received from visitors to the blog. But this feature can’t export a file from the sidebar.
To export or import blog we must login into our blogger account from After login click the Setting link on the blog that we want to export and then follow steps below.
1. Click the Export blog link into Setting | Basic page to export all blog content (NB: Doesn’t include that is on the sidebar blog).
2. On the next page, specify the folder in our computer that will be used to save the blog content.
3. Click Export Blog to saving the blog content.
Now the blog content including any comments received from visitors has been stored in our computer with xml format. Then if we want to import the blog content that has stored, so we can follow the steps above but now we aren’t clicking the Export blog but click the Import Blog. Ok if still confused, we can follow step by step below.
1. Still on the Setting | Basic page, click the link labeled Import Blog.
2. Once we’re on the Import Blog page, search the blog content who with xml format in our inside the computer.
3. Type the Verification number that we see into the column available and give a check on Publish all entry that importing to publish all, but if we want to make its as a draft, then don’t check on the section.
4. And in the end click Import Blog and done.
All of our blog files already imported and can be read by all peoples. Happy blogging!


  1. This is a very good tip. Thanks for this. Doing blogging is nearly killing me with rewriting all the contents

  2. Hopefully useful, thank you for visiting its...


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