Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blog Walking the way I regular Use

Title post is just blog walking, if not especially want to talk about blog walking that has become a trend for the old blogger to find out the latest. In addition to search for valuable information, blogs are also walking normally done only to promote a blog that they have, because as Mr. Arif said yesterday in one of many posts that he haves, a blog walking activities can be trusted increase blog traffic.
I agree with their opinion also above, the blog walking can increase blog traffic. Also believe that once the majority of blog traffic is a result of road and street activities, also from the group that I follow in, as seen from the age of the blog is still young also probably not familiar with the search engines, both Google, Yahoo, or msn, then I think at this point may not have visited the blog is one of the three search engines are.
Ok, we return to the main topic. Usually when you first blog created and filled with some articles that I own any posts, I known it to all the people how to blog is with walking, of course the first time I visit the blog is owned by my friend’s and leave comments that are relevant to the topic being discussed. Then I search for blogs that have been good, both in terms of SEO and Google Page Rank.
For a second, this is the blog that is also a good many visitors. To find I usually visit Blog Search and typing keywords that are related is meant to appear has similarities with my blog topic. Next I visit the link are listed on top ten on search engines because blogs area both eyes search engine, also of course have a lot of visitor. So, try it :D

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  1. Thank you for the instructions ..:D I'll Get instructions ..:)


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